1. Vendors performing special processes (i.e., welding, soldering, heat treating, chemical, electro, or other plating, specialty coatings, etc.) must notify Flight Metals of the special process(es) being performed and ensure one or more of the following methods of validation for the process is performed and or provided as applicable: personnel are qualified and/or certified for the applicable process, process approval and conditions to maintain approval, approval of facilities or equipment, specific methods and procedures for implementation and monitoring the processes, retaining documented information as evidence of the special process being carried out correctly.

2. Suppliers are requested to implement a quality management system (i.e. ISO, AS, Quality Manual, etc.)

3. Purchasing information to the supplier will include the applicable revision level of drawings, as required. Process specifications shall be performed to the latest revision. Certification of Conformance from the process/heat treat supplier(s) shall indicate the revision level of the specification performed.

4. Inspection is to be performed and certified prior to release of product or service. The Certificate of Conformance shall be signed by a member of quality.

5. Test reports are required for raw materials. All services/products require a certificate of conformance, as applicable. 6. Test methods used for calibration services shall meet national standards (NIST).

7. If non-conforming product occurs as a result of supplier’s services, the supplier shall notify Flight Metals in order to make applicable arrangements for the nonconforming product including disposition if necessary.

8. If supplier makes any changes to its processes that would affect product purchased, Flight Metals shall be notified prior to the change.

9. Flight Metals, their customer and/or regulatory authorities shall have the right of entry to all applicable areas of all facilities, at any level of the supply chain involved in the order and to all applicable records, relative to work being performed for Flight Metals or its customer, at any level of the supply chain applicable to the products being sent to Flight Metals.

10. If supplier needs to subcontract any part of the order to another supplier, all required information shall be flowed down to the subcontractor, including any key characteristics and/or critical items, if applicable. Use customer-designated (Flight Metals or Flight Metals’ customer) vendors, when requested, including process sources (e.g., special processes); and apply requirements to flow down vendors which include Flight Metals’ customer requirements. Subcontract work shall not be allowed unless prior approval is obtained by Flight Metals.

11. Suppliers shall retain records in accordance with AS9100 for a minimum of 11 years.

12. Supplier shall notify Flight Metals of changes to processes, products, or services, including changes of their external providers or location of manufacture, after a Flight Metals PO or contract has been executed, and obtain Flight Metals’ approval.

13. Approved vendors will notify Flight Metals of any late deliveries.

14. Flight Metals Suppliers will be measured against a goal of 95% Quality and 90% Delivery. Flight Metals can determine to flow down corrective action request, anytime a supplier is below the goal. Supplier may be subjected to removal from the Flight Metals’s Approved Vendor List if the supplier does not respond to the corrective action request in a timely manner.

15. Suppliers are required to ensure that all products supplied to Flight Metals are manufactured in accordance with all specifications, standards, drawings, or purchase order requirements. Supplier shall also be responsible to ensure that all products are genuine in origin and are not counterfeit products. Supplier shall incorporate a system to prevent counterfeit products or materials from entering the product cycle. If the purchased items become the subject of a legal or counterfeit issue, the supplier must disclose the source of the product.
16. Suppliers shall ensure persons performing work on product intended for Flight Metals are aware of:

● How to prevent the use of counterfeit parts or material ● Their contribution to product or service conformity ●Their contribution to product safety
●The Importance of ethical behavior

17. When specified on purchase order, All Inspections used for acceptance shall be conducted using a sampling plan that is justified on the basis of recognized statistical principle.

18. Flight Metals may require vendors to provide test specimens for design approval, inspection/verification, investigation, or auditing.

19. Delegation for verification and approval of Test Reports/ Chemical Analysis Content is applied to all suppliers of raw materials and services which generate such reports. Acceptance of this purchase order indicates acceptance of these responsibilities.

When deemed necessary Flight Metals reserves the right to audit vendors for the application / implementation of the above practices.